$25 per image!


There are 12 Facebook Posts included in this package:


1. Facebook slideshow with week long daily camps (8 slides)

2. One hour of code "seed for the future"

3. Celebrating Mom PNO

4. Cyber Security Day Camp

5. Star Wars Day Camp (5/4/19)

6. Raspberry Pi Camp (3/14/19)

7. We are hiring

8. Summer Open House

9.  There is an App for that

10.  Join the Party

11.  Hype up upcoming camps

12.  Code-A-Thon

Spring/Summer Events


    1. Designer OWNS All Work Product. As part of this purchase, the Designer is granting the use of the product to the Buyer. To avoid confusion, work product is the finished product, as well as drafts, notes, materials, mockups, hardware, designs, inventions, patents, code, and anything else that the Designer works on—that is, conceives, creates, designs, develops, invents, works on, or reduces to practice—as part of this project, whether before the date of purchase or after. The Designer hereby gives the Client the right to use this product once the Client pays for it in full. This means the Designer holds all rights to the final product (including intellectual property rights), and the Designer will be the sole owner of it. The Client can use the the product for the intent for which it was created or it can decide not to use the work product at all. The Client may not modify, alter or share with other Franchisee owners or sell it. The product may not be used in multiple centers. An additional license may be purchased at an agreed upon, and discounted price.

    2. Designer’s Use Of Work Product. Designer retains ALL rights to the product, including the right to resell, repackage, alter and destroy the product.